Opening Tonight… Twelve Friends- a unique new art exhibition in a home-grown space

WHAT: Twelve Friends: Hammersmith – A unique new art-exhibition in a home-grown space.  

WHO: Organised by teacher & artist Rachel Edmunds with and for 11 of her friends, artists themselves. Artists list below.

WHEN: Private View, Wednesday 5th May, 5.30 – 8.30pm, on until 5th May, 11am – 7.30pm: Thurs/Fri/Sat; 10am – 1pm: Sunday

WHERE: Private flat 1 minute from Brook Green; address available on invitation or request 

FOOD: Canapes by Wiktor Ariburnu, Private Chef; Patisserie by lechouxlondon, Abigail Scheuer 

ENQUIRIES:, 07970869683 

WHY: Twelve Friends is a chance to showcase the work of twelve fantastic artists, who also happen to be my friends. Not to mention the two artists of food: Wiktor Ariburnu and Abigail Scheuer.

Given I’m moving home, staging this show has presented a perfect opportunity to bring together my passion for art and creativity in a homely friendly space.

The venue is my flat just near Brook Green, but not for much longer. This means the books and previous pictures and sculptures have come off the walls & shelves. In their place the space is being opened up to showcase a selection of 12 friends’ work. The range of artists runs from furniture design through ceramics to paintings on a range of scales and levels of realism to abstractedness. Hopefully you will attend and see that there is art to suit every taste.

For further story telling around the exhibition, visit: 

ARTISTS:  George Winks – Furniture Design/Temper Studio 

  1. George Winks – Temper Studio/ Furniture Design
  2. Henrietta MacPhee – Ceramics
  3. Lucy Duke – Watercolours & Pastels 
  4. Tom Rooth Fine Art 
  5. Julie Fleming-Williams – Painting 
  6. Crystal Fischetti – Oils & Abstracts 
  7. Sophie Glover – Drawing, Painting & Illustration 
  8. Rachel Edmunds – Poetry, Painting & Collage 
  9. Edward Murray- Sculptor 
  10. Will Hiscocks – Drawing 
  11. Harriet Selka – Painting 
  12. Emma Hockley – Painting & Abstracts 

Location Brook Green - by invitation or request Phone 07970869683 Email Hours 1st - 5th May 1st: 5.30 - 8.30pm 2nd- 4th: 11am - 7.30pm 5th: 10am - 1pm FINIS
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