The art of food…

Evolution of time and process is very much part of creativity and where better to see that particular artistry but in food. “Food, food, glorious food” to slightly alter a Flanders & Swann lyric.

Well the food at Twelve Friends will be glorious thanks to friends of mine who’ve chosen to work in the world of food.

Wiktor Ariburnu in the kitchen

FIrstly, Wiktor.
Wiktor Ariburnu is a chef who I connected with much earlier this year, through Instagram. Comments and ideas that came out of commenting on each other’s stories, plus the fact I was aiming to make Twelve Friends happen, meant we decided to eat together…

It was me that was cooking and it was good; good enough anyway! During that Sunday lunch we got all excited and started writing canape lists for the Private View event. I even got to go and do a tasting of what we chose … and I have to say, I’m very excited for people experiencing the flavours he can create, whilst also experiencing a wonderful selection of art from the twelve artists.

Secondly, we are having a selection of extraordinarily tasty sweet choux pastries from lechouxlondon, a brand created by Abigail Scheuer, who is actually also an old girl at the school I went to, so that brings the total number of alumni exhibiting up to 6! An excellent half dozen and I for one, can’t wait to taste either Wiktor’s genius canapes or Abigail’s parcels of choux joy.

A selection of lechoux delights. By Abigail Scheuer
Location Brook Green - by invitation or request Phone 07970869683 Email Hours 1st - 5th May 1st: 5.30 - 8.30pm 2nd- 4th: 11am - 7.30pm 5th: 10am - 1pm FINIS
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