A little story… how I know the artists

So, twelve friends…or 11 + me! Story-telling is one of my passions so I thought I’d briefly tell you a little about how I know all these talented people…

The earliest person I got to know was probably Emma Hockley, whose mum is my godmother. I have very early memories of making the most excellent of play dens at their house and then Emma and I went to the same school. She’s always had a wonderful creative energy which comes across in the amazing paintings she now does.

There are two other friends from school exhibiting. The wonderful ceramicist Henrietta MacPhee (whose mum Lucy Duke is also exhibiting) and the extraordinary painter, artist and entrepreneur Crystal Fischetti, who were both in my class but at different times. Again, I was often in awe of them.

When I left school I went to be a teacher in Johannesburg and I stayed with a wonderful family called the Winks. Their son George was heading for England to do an art foundation course and later, he became the founder of Temper Studio, all of whose pieces are handmade in England.

The next three I’ve actually probably known since birth, but from a slight remove. Julie Fleming Williams was one of my mum’s best friends when my mum lived in London and was working as a nurse at St Thomas’s. She is a wonderful artist and framer and ran a framing business with her late and brilliant husband, Edward Rooth. Their son Tom Rooth has always had an excellent artistic eye (I can’t imagine where he got that from!) and I’m delighted that he’ll be showing his collection of fantastic hand-designed plates, with beautiful sea-life designs on them. This is his first pesonal collection since leaving Christie’s, where he was a senior specialist. Will Hiscocks is also extended family, although he is more literally, as he is my cousin Tom’s son; Will’s paintings and sketches reflect his natural creative eye.

By no means least but finally… Sophie Glover and Harriet Selka are contemporaries in age, and also both impressively enterprising and diverse in the drawings and paintings they make. Sophie was at the same school as me but not in the same era, but I’ve known her and her family for as long as I can remember. Meanwhile my friendship with Harriet was cemented dancing on the bar of one of Ypres’ finest watering holes, whilst on a history tour with the esteemed Worshipful Company of Grocers’. Let’s just say we’ve never looked back and her pieces are quite breath-taking.

I commend you to find out more about each of these friends and artists by following the links on the Artists page, and of course, by coming along to see their work in person next week.

Location Brook Green - by invitation or request Phone 07970869683 Email racheledmunds@hotmail.com Hours 1st - 5th May 1st: 5.30 - 8.30pm 2nd- 4th: 11am - 7.30pm 5th: 10am - 1pm FINIS
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